Eloweezy, Rest In Peace.

Eloweezy was obliterated by an airplane at PHL yesterday. A biologist from the airport was fortunately able to recover her green and black band, BD/31 from a mangled leg found scattered on the ground somewhere. This is terribly sad. But not surprising. First year Peregrine Falcon have about a 70-80% mortality rate. That fact does not make it easier. Just more real.

She was loved.


Thank you Kathy Clark, for sharing her story, and your story too.

To some, a bird was hit by a plane in Philadelphia. But to us, Eloweezy’s amazing story came to a sudden, tragic end.

All of our stories are momentary. All of them will pass. And what will pass, will eventually become dear. But only if someone knows us. The true sadness would have been to have never known Eloweezy and her amazing story at all.

We now know for sure we won’t be seeing you at Holgate this fall. But we’ll be sure to find your spirit in every creature we meet there, and in remembering your story, we’ll remember just how precious, how special, and how unfathomably unique every life truly is.