Teens Taking Over The Beach

Our One & Only Winky. Now a teen. Still a turd. But now a teen.
Surfer, Angler, Youth Biologist, and Teenager, Dylan Yates, learns how to weigh, how to measure, and how to treasure LBI.
RELI teaches teen James how to measure wing chord.
Dylan & James are a good pick to release the future of the Island. Because they are also the future of the Island. Thank goodness.
RELI’s super magic touch still melts little Winky, even though he is old enough to rebel.
RELI marvels at our one and only Winky; our little wonder. He’s come a long way from his first dark, dark day on our beaches. But it wasn’t long before all kinds of people on Winky’s beach started to realize just how cool and adorable he was, and what an underdog of the Island Piping Plover are in general. Hurricane Sandy reminded us all how much LBI loves the underdog, and nothing on this Island has ever suffered more needlessly than our Piping Plover. Now that we are starting to see that, all kinds of people have been keeping an eye on Dobby, Myrtle, and Winky. We should thank them, but it’s not necessary. They have been doing it because it is interesting, and it’s fun. It’s hard to actually meet a local teen like Winky and not want to help keep him alive to share the beach with us.
Winky Pin Feathers. On the verge of becoming a man grown.
The Bad Boys of North Beach. Jacob releases Winky while Michelle Stantial changes the future of how we see the beach. James & Dylan rock the photobomb. You see that right there? That is what Recovery looks like. That’s the future of Piping Plover. That’s the future of our beaches. Apparently the future is quite bright and will require stylish floppy hats and some sweet shades.