Baba, Baba, Baba… Dook, Dook, Dook!

A commotion broke out on the beach. We know that bird.
Mac Daddy, North Beach’s oldest and most experienced Herring Gull, had been watching that box of Stix (TM) all day. The moment she started throwing some to the gulls, Mac Daddy was on it.
Of course, Mac Daddy easily commanded the scene and got the maximum amount of Stix(TM) out of the situation. We’ve been keeping a close eye on Mac Daddy all week. If he bred successfully this season and has had any little, baby Cheezitz hidden over in the bay, he should be taking them to the beach pretty soon to teach them how to steal your foodz.
When the feeding frenzy had ended, Mac Daddy climbed the berm.
And That’s When It happened. A little, baby Cheezit left the dispersing crowd of Gulls and ran up the berm to whine annoyingly at Mac Daddy. But young Herring Gulls will whine at basically any adult Gull, hoping for a vomit, so we couldn’t be sure. And even though Mac Daddy ran away from the little whiner, that also proved nothing, as adult Herring Gulls are well known to flee their irritating young frequently.
Of course the Buk Buk was in position in anticipation of such an event. Mac Daddy always loves to quench his thirst after eating your snackz.
But when Mac Daddy ran back to lead this whining Cheezit to the Buk Buk, there could be no doubt.
I can haz Buk Buk???1111!!!???
Welcome to the beach Babdook, and congratulations Mac Daddy & Mac Mommy. Let the era of Buk Buk babysitting begin.

It’s not yet clear if this is Mac Daddy’s only little Cheezit this season. In years past, multiple Cheezits have appeared sequentially on the Beach, usually a few days apart. Time will tell.

I think it is time for someone to come and band Mac Daddy, North Beach’s oldest and most experienced Herring Gull.