Barbosa & Bonk

Barbosa & Bonk
Meet Jack & Elizabeth’s third little Pirate, born to the front beaches of LBI, Barbosa. Also meet Audrey Bonk. She is a big-gun field technician brought in to join team SUNY mid-season because The Recovery has turned out to be so much more outrageous and adorable than any mortal could have predicted. There are chicks running all over the place. Luckily for Audrey, Barbosa is still just a little turd.
uh oh, wait.. hold up… going rogue….
Luckily Audrey has mad skillz and little Barbosa is no match for her finger snuggling maneuvers. This one is called the “Finger Puzzle”
Davey Jones & Kraken protect their little new little brother Barbosa while they wait in the Baby Bag for Barbosa’s checkup.
Davey & Kraken wait anxiously while their new little brother gets his weights & measures.
Audrey Bonk pulls the double fisted release.
Kraken ran right off, but lil’ Barbosa is content to sit around in Audrey’s skilled hands all day. And Audrey was probably content to let him, until the long arm of the law, Michelle Stantial, busts in and spoils all the fun.
Major photobomb by MIST. But she’s right. It’s time to go back now babies.

Welcome to LBI, Barbosa & Bonk!