Unleashing The Kraken

Begad! Another lil’ Pirate has been born to LBI! Garrrr!11!
Meet a still-wet-from-the-egg Little Kraken, brother to David E. Jones, and second to hatch of Jack & Elizabeth’s Itty Bitty Pirate Brood.
Weigh the Kraken. Kraken weighs in at 6.34 grams a few hours after hatch. Michelle Stantial’s study has proven a pretty interesting little fact for all of you beach-bum-know-it-alls: all Piping Plover chicks weigh exactly 6 grams at birth. Barely able to see or walk, lil’ Kraken has managed to pack on .34 of a gram nom nomming around the beach in his first few hours of life. Good boy Kraken!
Kraken is either finding a ton of wermz up there in the dune, or is sucking down his egg sac real fast. That little, orange thingy on Kraken’s belly is his egg sac: a tiny little nub packed with nom nom to help newborn itty bitties survive a difficult first day on the beach. Take a moment to consider just how amazing the wonders of nature truly are. Who thought up, engineered, and implemented such a convenient wonder as the egg sac? It is even color coordinated to the PPCS (Piping Plover Color Scheme.)Amazing. And adorbz!
David. E Jones surrenders to RELI and swears he has no interest in her jewels.
Davey Jones is stoked to have a little brother to go rogue with.
Releasing The Kraken. And the Davey Jones. Go on babies. C’mon. Time to go. Go on babies….

Welcome to the Recovery lil’ Kraken.