Begad! Pirates.

In what is probably the biggest story of the summer, this tiny Pirate was discovered creeping around our beaches. Garrrr.
Elizabeth brings her sails to. Apparently, Jack & Elizabeth are true sea dogs and have successfully hatched the first of their four coffers full of treasure (pronounced tray-zure) on our beaches.
The baby Pirate was taken into custody and temporarily detained. Garr. Mmmm. Gelato. Nom nom nom nom.
He was carefully weighed and measured. While he appeared neither interested in RELI’s golden ruler, nor RELI’s rings, he does appear to have one heck of a Pirate’s beard so will be tickled, I mean, detained for questioning. His name is David E. Jones; street name “Davey.”
Kelly, a schoolteacher from New York, has never seen a Pirate on our beaches despite the fact that she’s been comin’ here her whole life. Kelly is one of a growing number of vacationers and locals who have discovered that our Piping Plover are the Island’s true underdogs and the funnest, most curious thing you can see on our beaches. Both she and her husband Bob stopped by to check on Dobby, Myrtle, & Winky, and Jack & Elizabeth, almost every sunrise and sunset during their two week vacation, because it is a fun thing to do. Their intel was super helpful in keeping them healthy & safe. So Davey Jones attempts to give Kelly a “high three” while RELI tickles the heck out of him, hoping to shake loose a few gold coins, or maybe some jewels.
Davey Jones was released soon after it was determined he wasn’t here to steal our Island’s treasure. On the contrary, it was determined that he is our Island’s treasure.

Welcome to the Island, itty, bitty, Davey Jones. And congratulations to you, Jack & Elizabeth! And thanks to all the vacationing heroes like Kelly & Bob who have discovered the secret that we are sharing the beach with creatures who lived here long before we did whether we notice or not; and that sharing the beach doesn’t have to be a damper on our fun down the shore. It can be the best part of it.