Mac Daddy In The Distance

Mac Daddy In The Distance

It’s been a long road from the first time we saw Mac Daddy to wherever it is we are today. Sometimes it might feel like we’ve walked a straight line away from him, but the truth is we are on a circular journey which eventually leads us back to where we started, only older and wiser. Just like any good story. Whether we’re happy or bitter when we get there, we hopefully will realize, is our choice.

It’s really quite simple. The biggest question we set out to answer over all these years is the one we have always asked the most and been the most curious about:

How do we know for sure it is Mac Daddy?

Answering that simple question has forced us into some strange and wonderful corners of the shore over the years. We’ve had to learn about boring stuff like photography and ornithology. We have had to hang around with wildlife management folks, state officials, crazy people, and scientists. Today we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of the Summer Of Science and sometimes we wonder how we got here, or why. The answer is simple: proving any unknown with precise certainty is the heart of science. This is how we will know Mac Daddy, for realz.

Last evening, looking for Lobster. Make no mistake. That’s turtley, dolphinately, Mac Daddy