Face 2 Face

It’s week three for Tufters & Tacey’s Brood That Didn’t Die. Time for your checkup, babies! Michelle Stantial searches Barnegat Light State Park while I try to convince her that LBI is a classy place, despite the fact that we hang our trash on our endangered species signs instead of carrying out. We can forgive the guy who hung his empties. He was probably too drunk to use a trash can. The more offensive bag is the bag full of dog poop hanging on the sign that explains why dogs are forbidden in the area.
Searching for light in the darkness
There you are babies. Do-si-do has gotten used to having her tiny wing measured each week. She now even requests that Rebecca Linhart (RELI) do it because RELI is a Class A PIPL Snuggler.
Gelato Tastes Like Ice Cream
Piping Plover Tastes Like… Gelato? Samoa, Tagalong, Thin Mint, and Do-si-do are getting so big & strong they need to be contained to be weighed. An empty Talenti (TM) jar does the trick.  Actually, Girl Scout Cookie flavored gelato is an outstanding idea. Nom nom nom nom nom.
Face 2 Face. RELI cracks a smile as Do-Si-Do asks her if Talenti tastes like werm.
Abby Darrah from team SUNY cracks up while Thin Mint asks why Do-Si-Do always gets to be finger snuggled by RELI
Hearts Melting
Michelle Stantial goes full Face 2 Face. PIPL are as adorable as the sun is bright. It’s blinding. Everybody knows that. You never go full Face 2 Face.
David Tattoni (DATA) not only has the distinction of being an award winning youth scientist. He also always looks as sharp as an Abercrombie (TM) model.
Release. Zach Baily, Abby, RELI, and Michelle from team SUNY send the chicks packing down the Road To 200.