Erratum. Apparently, Somebody Puts Babies In The Clamshell

Somebody Puts Babies In The Clamshell
Somebody Puts Babies In The Clamshell

After Tagalong, Samoa, Do-Si-Do, and Thin Mint are weighed and measured each week, they are returned to Tufters & Tacey as a group. This clamshell provides a nice little holding pen to gather them all together.

If you compare to the original Nobody Puts Babies In The Clamshell taken one week earlier, you can see just how much these babies have grown in their first week. Life moves quickly for a PIPL. It only takes them about six weeks to go from Turd to Burd.

Nobody Puts Babies In The Clamshell. One Week Earlier.
Tagalong & Samoa: Bonus Clamshell Babies from Week 1
Apparently, somebody also puts babies in the Million Dollar Bag. Or as some like to call it, the Baby Bag.
Samoa gets her tiny wing measured on week 2
“MY TERN!!!!1111!!!” Apparently, all the babies look forward to their weights and measures each week.
Local volunteer Dylan Yates takes control of the Million Dollar Notebook, recording data for Michelle Stantial. Dylan is a local surfer and budding marine biologist. He loves the beach enough to take a break between swells to lend a hand to our local animals; washed zinc oxide from a long day of body boarding still on his face. When you love the beach as much as someone Dylan, it is perfectly clear that our local animals are not a hindrance to our summers… they are a highlight of them.
Volunteer Dylan Yates Rocks Babies With The Mad Style Of The Next Generation: Double Fisting Itty Bitties.