Also In Your Face: Ben Wurst The Osprey Hero: Live Streaming Nest Check Tonight @ 7:30 PM!

Camera & Tripod Streaming Live To Facebook, Reflected in an Osprey's Fiery Eyeball

I’m not 100% sure this is a good idea. When surveying Osprey nests, you never know exactly what you might find as you climb up the ladder and peek over the edge of the nest. It’s always a surprise, yet not always a pretty picture in there.

But when it is good news, it is truly, unbelievably amazing. So yeah, let’s do this thing.

Tonight @ 7:30PM Ben Wurst the Osprey Hero will be live streaming the nest check of…  wait for it, you are going to flip… Jack & Wendy: Everybody’s favorite dysfunctional Osprey couple!

Literally Flippin’. That’s Wendy, defending the nest we’ll be checking tonight, from the 2015 Reading The Upside Down Osprey Collection

Will they have eggs? Will they have chicks? Will those chicks be healthy and old enough to band? If so we’ll be in for a huge treat with a live, realtime Osprey banding as Jack & Wendy’s 2016 babies become part of Project Red Band.

This is Danny joining The Red Band Team: the first baby born to the nest we’ll be live streaming tonight, from the 2015 Reading Danny Got The Shinin’ (New Red Band)

If things go well, you’ll have a chance to ask questions, live. Or just sit back and enjoy the view while eating your din din. I recommend fish. Or maybe duck.

That’s Jack, whose nest we’ll be visiting and streaming live, famously decorating his nest with a dead duck, from the 2015 Reading, Husbands Helping Make Houses Homes.
So join Ben Wurst the Osprey Hero, Jack, Wendy, and whatever surprises might be in their nest. Tonight, July 9th, at 7:30PM

Keep eye on the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey Facebook Page, and the New Jersey Osprey Project Facebook Page for details.

Or visit the official event page here.

Osprey. In Your Face. Tonight @ 7:30. Hopefully.