Doom Buggies II: Spa Day At Sedge

Kathy & Ben Return to The Tower of Doom, bags packed with some very special treats for an especially itchy, scratchy, baby Peregrine.

Readers with moderate to advanced short term memories might remember last week’s post Doom Buggies: The High Price of Forbidden Burder where we discovered that Josie Grossie, the only surviving baby at the Sedge Islands’ eyrie this season, was infested with some nasty lice as a result of her parents naughtily feeding her forbidden shorebirds. Photos and samples were promptly sent to the vet for review.

While it appears that the little Doom Buggies were discovered and treated in time, the vet was modestly concerned that the discomfort of it all was a little extreme, even if it was karmic punishment for the ultimate Peregrine sin of nom nomming on forbidden shorebirds. So Kathy Clark & Ben Wurst of the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey packed up a bag-of-tricks and headed out to Sedge to check up on Josie Grossie and give her some old fashioned TLC.

Kathy Clark makes a triumphant return to The Sedge Islands’ Tower of Doom where she once worked with the legendary Pete McLain.
Finding Josie: “But I wuznt even eating shoreburds!!11!! I promises!!11!”
Spa Day At Sedge.
Aloe Vera: Liceburn Soother
A little relief.
“I likez it Kathy, I likez it!!!!11!!”
Just A Surgical Clamp Full Of Chicken Helps The Medicine Go Down. The medicine go dow-own. The medicine go down.
Nom nom nom nom nom
Kathy busts out her purple spray bottle full of fresh water. This is Kathy Clark’s version of the Buk Buk.
First Taste. Peregrine Falcon usually don’t get to discover the life giving magic of fresh water until after they have left the Eyrie.
Josie Grossie: She shines up like a new penny with a little love from Ben & Kathy. Well, she still looks a little like her personal life is a total disaster, but she is much healthier and has a really good shot at fledging and joining us over on Long Beach Island this fall.
Climbing Kathy
The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey: To Protect & Pamper