The Loss of Wonder: Shaq is Dead

It is a sad thing to report that lil’ Shaq, one of our two Wonders From Under The Causeway has perished.

While the Causeway Peregrine babies are still about a week away from officially fledging, Shaq must have been feeling bold and full of summer spirit, and just too eager to get herself over to our Island when she took her first leap off that eyrie under the bridge.

She was found in the water, still alive, and was successfully recovered. But either injury or hypothermia were too much for her to overcome, and she died soon after being rescued.

Despite the tragedy, there is a silver lining. The original post The Wonders From Under The Causeway continues to make the rounds and so many folks have shared and helped to get the word out. Thanks to the sharp eyes of citizen heroes, Shaq was recovered alive. Such a prompt response could make the difference next time, if Shaq’s sister, lil’ Dutchman finds herself in similar trouble in the next few weeks.

Please help spread the word. If you own a marina, bait shop, or have anything to do with people who might be traveling by boat under the Causeway, you can print this poster by clicking here and downloading the PDF.

Because Wonder still abounds. Lil’ Dutchman is still thriving under the bridge and will be making her first flight soon. Lil’ Dutchman is banded BD/33 and is the adorable little one squawking at the camera in the video The Wonders From Under The Causeway.

Rest In Peace Shaq. Rest In Peace.