Hero Of The Week: The Crazy Balloon Lady

Hero Of The Week: The Crazy Balloon Lady: North Beacher (and longtime Reader) Teresa Hagan is the hero of the week because she destroyed some kids’ sand castle and then flamed them mercilessly in this week’s Sandpaper. Just kidding. She did the exactly the opposite. She made their castle so much better and then wrote a fantastically upbeat, persuasive, friendly, reasonable, and convincing appeal to make LBI balloon-free.

It can be tough to make even common sense appeals on behalf of wild animals without coming off like whiner, a party-pooper, a ninny, or a crazy beach lady. This letter really struck me because it side-stepped all of that and was just so cooperative and sensible. I’m sold. Just a few voices like this in the world and most of our troubles could be solved in a snap.

Click here to read it in the Sandpaper.

Cheers to Teresa, The Crazy Balloon Lady. Balloons suck. Buy flowers.