Kissy Face

My name is bite-y face, and I, care what you think.

Actually, that’s no kiss. That’s banded PIPL Ron Weasley letting a tourist know it’s time to move on, or at least time to get off Ron’s turf at Holgate, by biting his face off.

‘Tis the season to see the more aggressive side of the Piping Plover as they duke it out for control of what little slivers of beach we’ve left them. PIPL are surely the friendliest & most curious of all the shorebirds. But they are also super tough little beach bums.

Many people mistakenly see them as poor little weaklings who couldn’t even make an egg without our continual help. Truth is, the only help they need from us is for us to help ourselves not be idiots, and to see the bigger world that is far larger and more wondrous than just ourselves.

Still, even when they are biting each other’s faces off they are toatz. Toatz Adorbz.