Tower Tribute

A Tribute At The Tower Of Doom

All those who desire a Prosperous Falcon would do well to pay tribute at the Eyrie as is the custom, after the March floods have begun but before the Eyases have yet come to be. ~ P.R. Snoody

It’s spring time, so it’s time to pay a visit to everyone’s favorite Peregrine Falcon Eyrie: The Mighty Tower of Doom at the Sedge Islands.

Ben Wurst uses a ladder to cross one of the many dicey trenches that surround the Tower of Doom like little moats. Imagine the first time I realized I had to walk across water on that rickety old ladder carrying all of my camera gear. One wrong step and Readings From The Northside would be doomed forever.
The King & Queen Of Doom? Home! Can you spot them both on the tower? I sure can.
Doom from above, Doom from Below
This is the kind of nonsense Ben came to fix. Imagine stepping on that during your climb towards Doom.
Evidence Of Burder Everywhere. Burder I’ve learned is the official scientific term for “Burd Murder”
I’m not sure what kind of tributes Ben was leaving up there. I imagine little baskets with Bodywash and maybe some Scented Candles? Whatever the case, The PEFA seemed quite agitated.

Then suddenly, Ben makes a hasty retreat from the top of the Eyrie.

And that’s because he found this up there. EEEEGGGGGG!!!111!!! Holy Smokes. Photo by Ben Wurst.

EGG! That’s super early for the Sedge Family and was quite unexpected. Whatever the case, we like it.

And so we got out of there right away to let the PEFA get back on that egg, STAT. But Ben had plenty of time to get the Tower Of Doom in shape so it could have Maximum Doom Abilities this Spring. The truth is that Peregrine don’t really start incubating until they have a full set of eggs (the cool kids call it a “clutch”)

Raise your glasses and toast a hearty cheer to Mama & Papa Sedge. If you’ve ever been murderballed by a Peregrine Falcon at Barnegat Light, sitting on the Lighthouse, or the Water Tower, or the Coast Guard Tower, chances are it was one of the Sedge couple’s itty-bitty, burd-mangling monsters.

And if you just can’t get enough Doom and of the adorable, fuzzy, baby dinosaurs that are born there, here is a trip down memory lane: The 2014 classic Indiana Wurst & The Tower Of Doom: The Movie