Tacey’s True Love For LBI. Now a Scientific Fact.

Creeping through the bushes at Barnegat Light, I saw Red, then I saw White, so I know Tacey came home last night!

I guess it really is True Love.

“Yo hoo!11!!! Tuffies??? Iz home! Tuffies????”

While we’ve been perfectly happy to have Tacey be Tufters’ true love in our over-active imaginations only, it appears that it is now an indisputable, scientific fact. Thanks to her adorable, colored leg bands, knowing that it’s turtley, dolphinately Tacey is no longer just a Parlor Game. Tacey has officially returned to LBI to join Tufters, the Lord of Light, for another Summer on LBI. Just like us. And that’s for shark.

And for the first time ever, it is now a scientific fact that our Piping Plover aren’t just some random animals that keep us from having fun at the beach: they are the truest of LBI locals. They come back year after year, spending the glorious season here, raising their families, just like us.

Miracles really do happen down the shore. And, seemingly, quite often.

Welcome home Tacey. Now let’s see if you and Tufters can pick back up where you left off and make us some of those itty-bitties.

“No biggie. Iz been com in’ here mah whole life.