Homework: Crowdsourcing The Readings

Readings From The Northside needs your help.

Longtime Reader “Dr. Harry” once commented that his favorite part of RFTNS has been watching the various transformations “from some pretty goofy stuff, to more conservation minded posts, to some more artistic stuff of late.” While his analysis suggests that RFTNS has failed its primary goal of being total nonsense, 24/7, he is probably right that the years of random posts are also a journey with various highs, lows, and turning points.

A Very Important Person has tasked us with highlighting some of these special moments for a very special purpose. I’m not very good at looking backwards so am hoping to crowdsource some of  this errand to you.

If you have ever really enjoyed, been offended, chuckled, maybe vomited, had your perspective changed, or otherwise been affected by a particular post over all these years, please leave a comment mentioning it specifically. Anything that stands out in your mind, for any reason, when you remember the last several years of ridiculous emails from the Beach. If you can name the post, or provide a link, that’s great. But even just a comment like “that time you realized Mac Daddy was Mac Mommy” or “the time Jack the Osprey decorated the nest with a dead duck”

Anything. You can name multiple posts. You can leave as many comments as you can think of. Anything. Appreciated!