The Romance Of LBI’s Deep Autumn.

Let's see how the weather is shaping up through the window... well, My Goodness... An Osprey! I wonder if he'll let me sit out on the porch with him?
Let’s see how the weather is shaping up through the window… well, My Goodness… An Osprey! I wonder if he’ll let me sit out on the porch with him?
Ahhh, yeah.... this the life. I love the fall.
Ahhh, yeah…. this the life. I love the fall.
The Glorious Splendor of Nature, right at your doorstep.
The Glorious Splendor of Nature, right at your doorstep.

There is only one thing said more commonly on LBI’s Beaches than “September is the best month on LBI, I love September.” and that is: “I’ve been comin’ here my whole life…” This platitude is so oft repeated that it is rarely questioned. Indeed, the force and surety with which it is proclaimed implies immediately that it would be both completely foolish and blasphemous to speak against it or disagree in some manner.

So for years I obeyed and packed my things at the end of September, leaving LBI to head off on other adventures.

But then one year, quite accidentally, I found myself still hanging around in mid October. On one particular dark, cold sunrise, I stepped out onto the porch at dusk with my coffee to feel the true chill of the winds. That’s when I heard a piercing shriek directly in front of me, so startling I dropped my Moomintrolls mug full of hot coffee on my SmartWool’d (TM) feet. Against the faint glow dawn, I could see it: the magnificent, black silhouette of an Osprey with his fish, posed just feet in front of me, his little fish still flapping around.

My heart was pounding, and I was hooked. To heck with September.

Having an Osprey perched on your porch is something you’ll most likely never see in the Summer, as Summer is the Osprey Nesting Season and Osprey, like most Islanders, are 100% business during those few months. The male provides 100% of the fish for the mother and young so there is no time for lollygagging around with us at our places: their whole families would starve.

By September, Migration Season is underway, but the Island is still a little too crowded with humans and their things, and a few too many local birds are still defending their turf.

But come October, when you just might be the only car in the driveway and the only light-on-at-night for several blocks… well…. that is when you just might get a friendly visit from an Osprey. Even if all he or she will really do is poop and drop fish guts all over your driveway. Still awesome.

And regarding The September Platitude… I hope that Readings From The Northside has provided ample evidence over the years that there really are no bad months on LBI. The only truly “best month” on LBI is the one you are currently in. If you ever catch yourself not agreeing with that statement, get out around the Island and open your eyes. There is magic all around.