Fast Forwarding: Last Of The Least

The Kiss
The Kiss

There has been some confusion about Readings From The Northside’s recent over-doing-it-with-the-least-tern-babies.

We’re all pretty comfortable with cute things happening at the Beach, me taking pictures of it, throwing it up on the Readings, and moving on. So it is understandable why some folks quite mistakenly thought these were recent photos. But nope. No way.  Not a chance. Summertime is makin’ baby time for our local beach nesting animals. These adorable beh-behs are already all grown up and well on their way South to exotic places like “Florida” for the Winter. Just like the old people.

The fact is, Readings From The Northside is a clogged toilet. This Summer the big Hiding In Plain Sight show used up all of the available supply of the Readings’ two most valuable resources: time & hard drive space. So according to the RTFN calendar,  it is still only July 27th. And according to the computer, it is the middle of October, and there is no room to put any more pictures until some get deleted.

Since I only know how to look at my photos in chronological order, we’re all in big trouble and will probably never catch up at this rate. So it is time for drastic measures. In a RFTN first, I’m going to trash a few months of photos I still haven’t had a chance to look at it. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it was all super adorable.

But before we reboot, there is one last Summertime story to tell. A story that must be told. And maybe it is all for the best because it is probably the most important story ever told. Surely the greatest love story of all time.

And shame on you; for not asking what ever happened to Tufters.  But, no matter… if I can dig up the photos, you’ll soon find out!