PEFA Playground

Got mah beach chair. Not moving.
Got mah beach chair. Not moving.

If you’ve ever tried to wait out a low-perched PEFA, you’re probably not reading this. Because you died. Of boredom.

Peregrine Falcon are miserably patient & focused little monsters. Despite the fact that they are the world’s fastest animal, survival by murdering other birds is not so much an exercise in strength, or speed, as it is in patience. Recognizing, and being willing to wait for, perfect opportunities is a PEFA’s highest spiritual skill.

But not the little ones. Juvenile Peregrine Falcon suffer the same type ADD we do. Out-perching a baby PEFA will surely match your wits, but it is not a hopeless endeavor. And when a young PEFA finally breaks and hops off its little perch to play… well… it is one of the most adorable things you can see on the beach.

Enjoy this little Baby PEFA, bored to tears while waiting for a hapless bird to murder, finally break and hop off the perch for some good old fashioned playtime when it thinks no one is watching. Remember to go HD and full screen.

The first few times you see a scene like this, it’s easy to assume the bird is injured. But see it enough times, and you’ll recognize it as play. Sometimes the PEFA will go after an object that gets its attention. But other times, like this one, the little monster is running amok on the Beach looking for things to do. Hopping over the fort…. hiding under the fort…. chewing on the fort… attacking sticks. Adorbz.