A Little Luck

Perseid Meteor Shower: LBI, August 12th.
Perseid Meteor Shower: LBI, August 12th.

The Perseid Meteor Shower is currently in full bloom on the Island. It is a very special year since we are so close to the new moon. That makes it nice and dark out there.

You can watch the Perseids any time it is dark, but people are always babbling on about the “Peak” and how wonderful it is…. right before they tell you the absolutely dreadful fact that it is between 2AM and 4AM. Many of us fantasize about setting our little alarms to catch this mysterious “Peak”, get into our jammies nice & early, but then get slowly sucked into a VH-1’s “The Eighties” Marathon, and pass out a mere hour before the “Peak”, thus missing it entirely.

Last night I decided to perform the public service of actually resisting “The Eighties” Marathon, setting that alarm, and heading out to the Beach from 2AM ’til sunrise.

The Peak is not hype. In the three hours I was out there, I surely saw over 150 shooting stars. It was non-stop, in every direction. Most impressive was a single ginormous fireball that literally lit the whole beach and caused me to fall out of my chair.

So is it worth it? Well it depends on how many shooting stars you need to pocket for luck. The Peak is all about volume. While the enormous fireball was my reward, I would not count on that each time. That could have happened anytime. I have had many wonderful nights watching the Perseids at 10PM. I just have never seen as many in a row as I saw last night. Whatever your choice, get out there tonight because it really is special. If one or two shooting stars are enough for you, head out anytime. If you can’t get enough, I’d certainly recommend hitting the “Peak”.

And for those of you who just need a little luck right now, I happily offer up 149 of the 150 wishes I collected last night. Just not the big fireball. Because that was really awesome.