All The Babies Will Die If You Don’t Come

You don’t want to be a baby killer, do you? Then cancel all your big plans and come to the Ann Coen Gallery in Surf City on August 14th for the big “Hiding In Plain Sight” show. It’s a mega tribute to LBI’s hidden wild world. We’ve spent weeks preparing a place where you can walk around and giggle, and say “awwww”, and say “Whoa!”, and smile a lot. We’re packing the place with everything from enormous canvases to piles of 8x10s, all focused on the magical world of LBI’s amazing animals.

And if you buy something to brighten your home or office, the proceeds go to the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ: the good people who take care of our local animals and ensure this place remains the natural paradise we love it for.

And there is beer.

So please, please, please spread the word. For all you Facebookers there is an event setup at

Please share generously, and widely. And please: don’t be a baby killer.