Bandin’ Blues: The Brothers Sedge, Live At The Eyrie

The recent post The Brothers Sedge showed you some of the sights from the Peregrine Falcon nest atop Tower of Doom. Now its time to experience the sounds.

PEFA might be elusive, but they sure aren’t shy. They are actually outrageously noisy little monsters, and this young Band of Brothers was particularly raucous in the extreme. It sure adds to the adrenaline rush of a climb to the top of the Tower of Doom when everybody, including me, is screaming the whole time.

But all that racket serves a purpose. First, the parents and the kids are communicating with each other, and letting each other know they are all OK despite the sudden, unexpected appearance of Ben Wurst and his banding kit.

And secondly, they are just doing what we humans have learned to do when the man has got you down: they are singin’ the blues. The Bandin’ Blues.

Broadcasting in HD tonight, so hit the HD button in the top-right corner of the player, go full screen, and crank up the volume to get the full experience of what just might be the most annoying video ever posted on a site full of annoying videos. Enjoy!