Showtime. The Readings On The Wall.

Readings From The Northside, Hiding In Plain Sight.
Readings From The Northside, Hiding In Plain Sight.

LBI’s finest photographer, Ann Coen, suggested last year that Readings From The Northside do a show at her outstanding gallery sometime. That sounded ridiculous. Could you imagine blog posts full of amateur photos and nonsense captions hanging on a wall somewhere?

She then explained that you could hang just pictures. But where would the captions go? She said, “Nowhere, forget the captions. Chose some photos that tell a story on their own.”

That did not compute. So she said, “How about this: what if you try it, and if someone buys something, you can give the money to the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ? If not, maybe people will learn more about the wildlife on LBI.”

Obviously, Ann is an alert Reader and knows what makes this blog tick. That computed, and thus a Show was born. Readings From The Northside is teaming up with two amazing wildlife photographers, Ben Wurst and Eric Hance, for a good old-fashioned gallery fundraiser.

The Show is “Hiding In Plain Sight” and is a celebration of LBI’s wildlife. It will be held on August 14th, 2015 in Surf City, and the proceeds go to benefit The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ.

Some favorites from RFTN’s 5 year collection of photos will be on display for the first time ever, many of them treasured shots that have never been seen before.

We should have a box with some prints of classic Reader Favorites. If you have any suggestions for a photo seen here on the Readings that you think should be printed, sound off in the comments! You can say stuff like “That one with the bird, eating the other bird” or “that one with the dude that looked like Jesus” and such. Don’t worry, you don’t have to show up and buy it just because you suggested it.

I still don’t understand where the captions will go. But that’s O.K. We have until August to figure it out.