I’ll Meet You There

Waiting at the Shore for my love
Waiting for my love to come home

We tend to travel together when we head down the Shore.  It’s good to have others in the car to share in the excitement of imminent arrival in Paradise, and then to soothe and distract us from the abject sadness of long drives to other homes, away from the Coast.

But the Osprey travel their epic and treacherous journeys from the heart of South America to Barnegat Bay alone each Spring. It’s tough to imagine the joy of arriving on LBI tempered by the fear that the love of your life may never arrive.

The Osprey have begun to arrive and can be seen around the Island moving in for the Summer. It’s a strange mix of excited couples, reunited, fixing up their humble abodes after a long, brutal winter, and solitary Osprey waiting on nests, staring into the distance and chirping into the void for a mate that may never arrive.

Don't worry. He'll be here soon.
Don’t worry. He’ll be here soon.