Thatz M’Gurl!

Thatz m'Gurl! She's alive, she's young, she's wild, she's free.
This somewhat dull photo of a Peregrine Falcon on LBI’s Southside is actually something quite special…  because Thatz m’Gurl, ‘Deanna! She’s alive, she’s young, she’s wild, she’s free.

In a moment of extreme good fortune, here we find one of our long lost baby Peregrine Falcons, ‘Deanna from the Tower Of Doom, in the wild today. That gorgeous little lady is none other than the little monster featured recently in the posts Thatz M’Dad! and Hidden Mysteries of The Wild Beach, only here she is all grown up. The photos in those two recent posts came from the archives, from way back in May when we scaled the Tower of Doom to band two young PEFA with Ben Wurst of the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ.

'Deanna baby photo.
‘Deanna baby photo, recently featured on Thatz M’Dad!
'Deanna and here brother Indy back in May, being naughty.
‘Deanna and her brother Indy back in May, being naughty, recently featured on Hidden Mysteries of The Wild Beach.

So how can we be sure this is one of our little babies from the Sedge Islands on Barnegat Inlet?

In a lucky moment, she leaned forward and flashed the band Ben put on her while I cuddles her back in May.
In a lucky moment, she leaned forward and flashed the band Ben put on her while I cuddled her a top the Tower of Doom. There is only one 56/AM, and Thatz M’Gurl!

I was only able to get these two photos before another PEFA swooped in and chased her off. As Ben Wurst tells us, life as a Peregrine Falcon is not easy, and only the strongest will survive… especially in the first year. But for now we can celebrate knowing she’s made it this far and has probably begun her first migration, and is well on her way to becoming a Little Lady PEFA.

Maybe she caught wind that her photos had been resurrected and so came looking for me, eager for more attention and blog time? Whatever the case, cheers! You are invited to relive the magic, and to scale the Tower Of Doom to band little baby ‘Deanna….

Seeing a Peregrine Falcon in the wild is a thrill, and we owe it all to the hard work and dedication of The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey. If it were not for the dedication of this small band of heroes, our population of Falcons would have been completely eliminated, along with our Ospreys and Bald Eagles, and probably us too, as a result of our careless poisoning of the coast. Please throw money at them so we can continue to build on the success and keep our beaches a little more Wild.