What If….? Todd Pover Tribute Album

What If?
What if all the Beach Nesting Bird Babies got together to form itty bitty alternative rock bands and created a tribute album honoring Todd Pover, the Beach Nesting Bird Hero from the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey? I’d totally buy that album. I’d give it like 5 stars on iTunes, even if it sounded like something from The Chipmunks, which I’m pretty sure it would.

For those alert readers who suspect that image might be heavily Photoshop’d, you’re correct. It was darn near impossible to get a newborn from each of our local beach nesting bird species (Piping Plover, Black Skimmer, Least Tern, and American Oystercatcher) to get together and pose for this shot. After finally getting them all to agree to do this, and getting them all to pose appropriately, wouldn’t you know? A juvenilely delinquent Peregrine Falcon just had to come along and photobomb the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It took hours to edit the naughty PEFA out of the picture. Here is the original:

The Itty Bittys
The Itty Bitties, photobomed.