Because Everybody Likes Fish Droppings

Ooops I dropped my breakfast
Ooops I dropped my breakfast. Osprey drops a fish over the open ocean.

Photos of a Black Black Gull hijacking an Osprey’s breakfast posted here recently received a lot of attention. Osprey hunting is not like some child’s video game where you just grab the fish and your health & energy meters instantly rise. No, it is a far more difficult game which requires the Osprey to successfully return the fish to home base to score the points. In addition to an onslaught of scavengers like gulls and crows, Osprey also have to contend with the wind. Without a proper grip, one bad gust can spell game over.

It is uncommon to see an Osprey try to retrieve a dropped fish, even over the open ocean. You’d think it would be far easier to re-snag the already bloodied and weakened fish in the first place, but apparently that is not the case.

The secret is to get a good grip. The 'ol talon-through-the-eye is the expert's maneuver.
The secret is to get a good grip. The ol’ talon-through-the-eye is the expert’s maneuver.