Extreme Home Makeover: Osprey Edition

At the Sedge Islands in Barnegat Bay, you’ll find the largest colony of Osprey you’ll probably ever see. And right in the middle of it, you’ll find the Sedge House. The Sedge House was once an old duck hunting lodge that later became the “home” of the legendary Pete McLain; that super-human who start the Endangered Species program for the State of New Jersey and all the great work restoring Osprey, Peregrine Falcon, and Bald Eagles to our coast back in the ’70s.

Today the Sedge House is used as a kind of cultural-resource-science-center situated smack-dab in the middle of Heaven: The Sedge Islands. NJ Fish & Wildlife and The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ run Summer Camps at the Sedge House, where kids are forced to do my favorite thing in the whole world: muck around the Sedge Islands and learn everything they can about the wildlife there.

But some trouble arose this year as a childless pair of Osprey decided to spend their free time upgrading their Summer Home to the roof of the Sedge House. You see, just like you and me, Osprey like to spend their time at the shore in the tallest structure they can find, as close to the water as possible. It turns out the Sedge House is just a little bit taller than the Osprey Nest just down the marsh from it.

So Osprey Hero Ben Wurst was called in to fix the problem by giving the Osprey Nest an Extreme Home Makeover to make it taller than the Sedge House. Luckily, the Mighty Campers of Sedge Island volunteered a little muscle to help out.

Enjoy this video of our Adventure, and special thanks to the Mighty Campers of Sedge Island. Mission Accomplished!