Oh noes!!!!11! Northside Jim has to get the Readings out, but he can’t find any adorable Piping Plovers to take pictures of. Can you help Northside Jim find the Piping Plover today? Click to enlarge! See if you can find the Plovers hidden in these photos.

Yoo hoo.....
Yoo hoo…..
... Ploverz.....
… Ploverz…..
... heeeeerreeeee, plover, plover, plover, plover......
… heeeeerreeeee, plover, plover, plover, plover….

People ask all the time how I can see these itty-bitties.  Now you have a taste of a day-in-the-life of Todd Pover, Karen Leu, Allison Anholt, and the other heroes from the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ who are responsible for scouring our beaches to find and protect our itty-bitty wildlife. And they don’t even have click-to-enlarge!

Remember these photos whenever you are near the nesting grounds of our endangered beach nesting birds. You might think you don’t see anything, but that is only because they are cowering in utter, itty-bitty fear right under your Godzilla feet.