Winter Rising

Sunrise this morning, just a moment a late
This morning’s Sunrise, just a moment a too late.

And now it’s time for Readings From The Northside’s annual, ultra-downer meteorological message. Like the wrecked car from a fatal DUI accident they park outside the Senior Prom, the ultimate buzz kill, reminding the happy children of the impending doom that surrounds them on what should be one of the happiest night’s of their lives, here it is, straight from Winterfell:Winter Is Coming.

Now that Summer has officially “begun” with the passing Solstice,  many are far beyond dreaming of, and have actually begun packing & checking expiration dates on 1/4 filled tubes of last year’s sunscreen in preparation for, their long awaited annual migrations to the beach. Many seemingly endless days of joy filled bliss are right around the corner for many of us. It would appear Summer has just begun.

But technically, it’s game over. The sun will be rising just a little bit later and setting just a little bit earlier, while darkness slowly engulfs us from both ends like an evil vice, snuffing out our sunny joys and leading us towards a season so dark and full of terrors that some animals are willing to fly or swim 1/2 way around the globe to avoid it, while others choose to sleep through the whole thing.

There are many magical seasons on LBI, but there is only one Summer. Summer’s clock is  now ticking downward brothers and sisters. Get out there, live the dream, and make every moment count.

Here’s wishing you many happy Mamu 5s this season.

Solstice: The Dark & Bright Side
Solstice: The Bright Side & The Dark Side