Tufters’ Crib Bonus: The Impeccably Good Taste Of Tufters

Tufters' Style: Now that's how to accessorize your Eggz
Tufters’ Style: Now that’s how to accessorize your Eggz

After discovering the Tufters’ Crib post, and the Doormat photo, this contraband photo was smuggled to RFTNS by Karen from the CWFNJ. This was taken when Tufters’ & Tacey’s first egg was found.

As you can see, Tufters has an incredible flair for stylish home decor and has decorated his Scrape and accessorized his Egg with bits of shell to an extreme that few Plovers bother to go.

While Piping Plover do tend to line their Scrape with bits of shell, Tufters is clearly taking things to whole ‘nuther level here. He’s not building a house. He’s building a home.