Jersey City Chickdrop

We interrupt this “quiet time” at the Readings to bring you some important, breaking news. A foster chick has been dropped off at the Jersey City Falcon Cam this morning. For those of you who have not been paying attention, Beatrice, the Grande Matriarch of Jersey City failed to produce an egg this year, most likely due to her age. This presented a unique opportunity for fostering.

First, a foster egg was given to the couple in Jersey City. Once they failed to fully incubate it, two imposter chicken eggs were delivered. Please note the chicken eggs were not for omelettes. Their purpose was to trick the birds into thinking they had a full clutch of eggs so they would get busy incubating. You see, Peregrine Falcon normally do not start incubating their first egg until the others have been laid, which is usually about 3 days.

It worked like a charm. The chicken eggs were a huge success. Having incubated the clutch, it is believed the Mighty Peregrines should have the right mix of anxiousness and hormones to accept the foster chick as their own.

Tune into the Jersey City Falcon Cam to see how it all plays out during this, the most interesting season of all time.

Here is a highlight reel from this morning’s special delivery. Sadly, there are some technical difficulties with the cam that are still being resolved, but we were able to capture some of the action regardless.