Easter Egg Hunt In Jersey City: Highlight Reel

That's one nice dye job
That’s one nice dye job

Someone just turned up the drama. Unpecendented action at the Jersey City Falcom Cam this afternoon. It appears the Easter Bunny got stuck on the Turnpike late Sunday, but came through today depositing a gorgeous Egg atop the skyscraper on Hudson Street in downtown Jersey City around noon. The excitement slowly turned into the world’s longest Easter Egg hunt while we waited nearly 3 hours before our beloved Peregrine couple found the super-surprise-gift-of-a-lifetime from NJ Fish & Wildlife and the CWFNJ. (It was in the nest box the whole time you silly falcons!)

For those of you who missed the action, or fell asleep while staring at the screen during the grueling hours between the egg drop and Beatrice and Dante actually finding the egg, here is a video of the highlights. All of the original discovery moments are immortalized here including the initial “What the???” and “Whoze egg iz dat?!”

It took every ounce of restraint found on this planet not to caption/subtitle the dialogue (especially the scene in which Dante taps his foot on the egg for emphasis while screaming at Be a @4:34) One can only imagine what they might be thinking… and now, you can do your own custom anthropomorphizations of this crazy mixed up situation at home! Why did Beatrice bail so quickly and suddenly at first? What was Dante telling her when she returned? You decide.

The end might get a little long-in-the-tooth, but it is unbearably sweet to watch Beatrice warm to the egg and begin the long process of nurturing it into the world’s most terrifying bird-eater. A special day, indeed.

As of this evening, it is appearing hopeful that they will actually accept and incubate this orphaned egg. But anything could happen here, so tune into the Jersey City Falcon Cam to follow along with this most unusual season. Most unusual, indeed.