OmNom’s Stand-in: The Show Must Go On

OmNom's Understudy
OmNom’s Understudy
Seal Tracks
Seal Trackz

Sadly, the OmNom The Seal we saw the other day was not in great shape and was hauled off in a big white truck by heroes from the Marine Mammal Stranding Center. His poor condition was confirmed when Allison from the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ found a man his dog kicking OmNom to “try to get him back in the water”.

Pleeze don't kickz me
Pleeze don’t kickz me

There are some things you normally just consider can go without saying, but this is obviously not one of those things. So let’s say it clearly:

1. You really shouldn’t kick stuff

2. On the very, very long list of stuff you should never kick you will find Seals, and all other living things for that matter.

3. If you forget the above rules and find yourself kicking a living thing and it is letting you kick it, you should cease kicking it and call for help.


Amazingly, a new replacement OmNom showed up Easter afternoon in almost the exact same place. The show must go on.

The Show Must Go On
The Show Must Go On
Visual Aid: You're too close
Visual Aid: You’re too close