Unreal Birds Getting More Real

A Plush Piping Plover Papa & Chick meet Mr. Oystercatcher stuffed animal.
A Plush Piping Plover Papa & Chick play nice with Mr. Oystercatcher stuffed animal. Only in an Unreal World.

Readings From The Northside’s favorite publication on the planet, The Sandpaper, has just done a great article about the Unreal!Birds fundraiser, with a nice, bonus shoutout to Readings From The Northside. It is always a treat to meet the good folks behind the Sandpaper. Reporter extraordinaire Kelley Anne Essinger ran a super fun interview and somehow magically managed to make me sound like less of a crazy person. Going out to take photos with the Sandpaper’s superb photo editor Ryan Morrill was both an honor and an all-around-good-time.

Meanwhile, while out on a shoot with the stuffies, things got unbearably real with the unreal stuffies. The video speaks for itself, but please note the star of it is LBI’s most famous Oystercatcher, T2. We knew these bird stuffed animals were lifelike, but sheesh. Sorry T2. My bad. We can add Unreal Birds to the list of things that one should not bring to the nesting grounds.