Image of Peregrine Falcon
Oh, hey, Mr. Norfside… ur back. I wuz just watching over da Piping Ploverz for u while u were gone. Those poor, poor fings. I r helping u.

Don’t lie to us, bird-eater. That look on your face tells us everything we need to know about what’s been going on in my absence. It is always a scary thing to visit the only Piping Plover nest site on the Northside and find only a guilty looking Peregrine Falcon (PEFA).

But not to worry. Tufters the Piping Plover (PIPL) is safe… for now.

Photo of Piping Plover
Halp. I duznt like him. Iz dolphin-ately Tufters.

It is always a dicey situation when you have endangered birds feeding on endangered birds. Did I let the endangered Peregrine have his fill of endangered Plover so he could return to his nest which is probably riddled with freshly laid eggs? Or did I chase him off to give the endangered Piping Plover a chance at building a much needed nest? I’ll never tell.