LBI Where Am I: Peregrine Falcon On The Surf City Water Tower

Image of Peregrine Falcon on Surf City Water Tower.
The King Of Surf City. We have a winner. Congrats Pam.

An adult Peregrine Falcon is hanging tight at the Surf City water tower on LBI. The south one, surrounded by the Po-leeece. It remains to be seen if this is just a new hangout for a resident Peregrine, or if a new nest might be forming, which would certainly make mini-golfing at Island Golf more interesting.

If he remains, this is an excellent and easy location to see the world’s fastest animal and ultimate shorebird. Here are two pieces of seemingly contradictory advice:

One, bring binoculars. Those towers are taller than you think when you’re looking at birds on them.

And B, despite the fact that you need binoculars, you are closer than you think, so keep a good distance and don’t annoy the Peregrine. Despite the relative advantages the Peregrine will have over you perched a top the tower, you’ll make him uncomfortable, no matter how well dressed you are, if you get too close.

A nest in downtown Surf City would make for an epic summer and would probably prompt a name change to “Readings From The Surf City Water Tower Where We Look At Pictures Of Peregrine On A Blue Background All Day”

The excellent work done by the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ saving these species  is obviously paying off. That’s two Peregrine in one day on LBI’s Northside. Awesome!