That's right Peregrine, You Just Got Pwn'd by RFTN
That’s right Peregrine, You Just Got Pwn’d by RFTN

It’s no secret that Readings From The Northside is a huge fan of anything found at the intersection of wildlife & technology. From the Dolphin Droning of the Hover Plover, to the underwater and remote double-cam tech that allowed Just Another Day at the Buk Buk to exist, technology, used rightly, keeps bringing us ever closer to nature while allowing to us to be less annoying to the wildlife.

That’s why I considered it the greatest honor of my life when I was allowed to do a little guest cam control for the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey’s world-famous Jersey City Falcon Cam. The Jersey City Falcon Cam was almost lost this year when the State could no longer fund it, but the CWFNJ, being the heroes that they are, stepped up and not only took it over but turned it into the finest bird-cam you’ve ever seen.

It’s actually the Jersey City Falcon Cams as the setup involves two cams: one outside and an amazing pinhole camera inside the nest box. The quality of the image and the dynamic ability to control the camera are off the charts. And it has SOUND, so crank up those speakers and prepare to get screamed at by the mighty Peregrines.

That's a "4"!
That’s dolphin-ately a “4”!

The Momma & the Poppa are currently setting up the nest box and eggs will be laid any day now. If these Peregrines are as sentimental as I am, it will happen on the anniversary of last year’s egg-layin’ fiesta: April 4th. You can learn all about the history of these awesome City Slicker Peregrines at the CWFNJ website. Quick tip: the male has some colorful green bling on his legs, while the female has only a silver USGS band. The female’s band has never been fully decoded so if you see any number be sure to fill the comments with them.

The action should start soon, and I’ll be guest camming occasionally from my evil winter lair. So when you’re watching and the bird moves offscreen or out of focus and you think “dude, zoom the camera out, will ‘ya?!” it just might be RFTN that is being so annoying. Awesome!

While you’re getting your cam on this spring, also checkout the CWNJ’s Osprey Cam at the Forsythe Refuge and The Duke Farms Eagle Cam. Three itty-bitty eaglets have just hatched and the action is almost non-stop. Adorbz.

Click Here to Check out the amazing Jersey City Falcom Cam.

And please consider sponsoring the cam with donations to the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ. Or adopt one of our adorable bird stuffed animals at Unreal Birds as 20% of your purchase goes straight to the CWFNJ.

Peregrine, you just got PWN’d by Readings From The Northside. All your base are belong to us.


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