Snowy Spring Sunset Video

Just a day past the equinox, I spent a most enchanting spring sunset with a Snowy Owl on LBI. Sunset is wake up time for Snowy, when its eyes start to open, it becomes more alert to things around it, and it prepares to fly & hunt in the dusk. At this time they reveal their true nature: Snowy Owls are basically Flying Cats.

But this night was special indeed for there was almost no wind… a first since the last Snowy Video posted here.  I immediately thought of you, dear Reader, and snagged a few short clips, something I have been meaning to do for a long time.

The Snowy Owl (Flying Cat) can be considered a bit dull by action standards. They basically sit and look around at stuff. It is their presence that is so captivating. You’ve been warned. This video is either unbelievably boring or completely mesmerizing. Your choice. But this is truly what it is like to sit on the beach with the flying cats…

Go full HD and full screen for a virtual taste of life on the beach with the Flying Cats.

Don’t forget to get your own Snowy Owl Stuffed Animal as part of our fundraiser with the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey. They are the good folks who take care of the beautiful habitat you see in this video, and also most of the animals you see here on the Readings. Spread the word!