Looking But Not Seeing

Allison from the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ doing a Plover Survey on LBI, misses the obvious
While surveying Piping Plover on LBI, Allison from the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ misses the obvious

Just kidding. There is no way she could have missed it, what with me saying stuff like “Hang on, just one more shot!” and “I know you’re busy but could you scoot to the left a little?” and “I’m so sorry, but could you move back? I think you are disturbing my plush oystercatcher who is trying to nest!”

Imagine what it takes them to send out armies of experts to scour miles of open beach on foot, stopping every so many feet to try and find a sand colored bird the size of a good size tangerine? And all to keep our beaches from becoming dull, dead & desolate habitats of destruction.

These cutie little nesting Oystercatcher stuffed animal birds will be available soon from Unreal Birds. 20% of all the proceeds from these hand-made-in-the-USA beauties fill the coffers of the CWFNJ. Please spread the word about our plush stuffed animal birdies and fundraiser.