Ready To Call It: The End of An Owl-ra

Could It Be? The Parting Shot?
Could It Be? The Parting Shot?

I’m ready to call it. The Snowy Owls are leaving New Jersey if they have not already left. The tiny beacon in the Snowy underground base just south of the North Pole has been firing the home-beacon signal for the Owls to return during the last 24 hours.  If I’m correct, it saddens me deeply that the parting shot above is in the “bad pose”.  That Snowy is standing with its tail out.

We earned our master’s degree in Snowy Stalking here at RFTN during this irruption.  If an owl looks at you more than once, you are annoying it. If it stands and looks at you, you are harassing it. If it stands, looks at you, then looks to the wind, you’ve stressed it. If it poops, then it is game over. You lost. That Snowy flew.

We now know when you see a photo of a Snowy in the “bad pose” you’re not looking at a cool Snowy Owl photo. You’re looking at something made by someone who needs to chill.

To be fair, this Snowy & I surprised each other around a corner at sunrise. There was no way to retreat or move forward without walking into the high tide surf or walking into the Snowy, so I did what any normal person would do. I took a picture (14 pictures actually). Now I just hope it is not our last.