Stoopid Peregrine

Da Stoop! Da Stoop!
Da Stoop! Da Stoop! 200+ MPH.

Peregrine Falcon are neck-and-neck with the Mighty Osprey in the race to become Readings From The Northside’s #1 favorite nugget of LBI’s Wildlife.  As I remember it, my interest in LBI’s wild world was first really sparked when my father, the smartest man I know, mentioned that he read in the Sandpaper that Peregrine Falcon were being seen on the Island. Not long after that I noticed my first Osprey and was hooked. It would be a few years before I saw a live Peregrine on LBI, but certainly worth the wait.

Peregrines should have no problem winning this, or any, race as they are the fastest animal on the planet. They can pull more Gs than Tom Cruise & Val Kilmer combined when they go into a diving “stoop” to smash their lunches from above. It’s true.

I discovered this evening that I caught the bird-in-the-act on Christmas Day, as seen above. And just in time, as the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey, the smartest organization I know of, has declared it “Month Of The Falcon” and are promising to overdo-it-with-the-falcon in ways RFTNS can only dream of.

Best. Month. Ever. Personally, I’m sure lose all sense of decency and direction as I run wild ’round LBI trying to get Peregrine photos to impress Kathy, Ben, Todd, and all the good folks at Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ.

Follow along on their Facebook page and their Blog, and be sure to donate something. We have this rich world to goof around in because of the serious work they do. As the story of Bridgette shows, many of the amazing creatures you see on this Island were touched, literally, by these folks. Hook them up. Because I need cool stuff to take pictures of.

Thanks Dad. Thanks CWFNJ. I heart Peregrine.