And He’s Off!

Northside Jim's Migration Begins
Northside Jim’s Migration Begins

After remaining basically sedentary and almost never leaving his beach for four months, Northside Jim made a dramatic move this morning! Through satellite tagging, we’ve tracked him from his Summer nesting grounds at Long Beach Island to a Harold’s Deli outside Metuchen, New Jersey where he appears to have stopped to feed and rest on this first leg of what we are sure is his Migration. That’s an amazing move of almost 78 miles which he travelled non-stop for over an hour without even stopping once to pee!

Sadly, his position froze at the Harold’s Deli. Some concerned volunteers traveled there to make sure Northside Jim had not fallen victim to predators or exhaustion. They found his satellite tracking device on the floor under a booth at Harold’s Deli, with bits of pastrami and a few pickles nearby. The harness had snapped. Researchers had failed to predict just how much pastrami he would consume, and how many different pickles he would try at the pickle bar. He obviously needed to fatten up for the long journey ahead of him.

This is a tremendous loss for science. Very little is know about Northside Jim’s Migration. Where exactly does he go? What does he take pictures of? And, importantly, where on the Internet does he post those pictures? It appears we have lost our chance to find out, at least for now.

Recent theories suggest that Northside Jim actually does not migrate at all. Instead, he just gets very confused and disoriented when the Osprey and Dolphin leave LBI each fall, and he kind of bumbles around looking for them. What we do know is that he returns to the Island several times before next year’s nesting season. Now would be a great time to “Follow” Readings From The Northside by subscribing via email at the bottom of this page. That way you can get alerted later this year when he posts more amateur photography, nonsense, and made-up science.

We hope to find him before then to help assure a smooth migration, but it looks like we’ll just have to wait until we see the next Reading posted.

Until then, we can scroll the archives and relive the incredible magic that was Summer 2013.

Cheers, & Thanks.