Ruddy Buddies Followup

Here kidz, like dis.....
Here kidz, like dis….. mama shares the finer points of handling raw crab

I had forgotten an important detail in the “Ruddy Buddy” story.  Our Ruddy Buddy Hero did not just hang with the Black Black who stole the child’s dinner… he had also been hanging with the Herring Gulls before the Black Back stole the crab. I went back to the RFTNS archives to see if I caught him on camera.

Well, well.... look who we have here
Well, well…. look who we have here

Like I said, Ruddy Buddies get along with everybody and are perfectly adapted to playing both sides.

Bonus Oystercatcher from that same evening
Bonus One-Legged Oystercatcher from that same evening. While there are a few different theories about why birds sand on one leg, the most common is that they do it to conserve heat. You should try it. Try on the beach and I’ll take a picture of you.