Osprey Addictions: The Secrets Of Migration Revealed

While many an Islander rejoices when the humanz migrate off the Island at Labor Day, it’s always a bit sadder to watch the wildlife leaving. Lil Tufters has been gone over a month, the Dolphin are thinning as the huge pods move South, and sighting an Osprey becomes more and more challenging each day. One more Northwest wind and my own migratory instinct might be triggered.

But thanks to the higher technologies, it is becoming less of a mystery exactly where our friends have gone. We now know many of our Plover head to the Bahamas, and our own Plover Hero, Todd Pover, recently won a grant to do some research down there and get a picture of just how hard the Plover party when they get there.

But one of the most amazing migrations is that of the mighty Osprey.  We’ve known that the Osprey, according to scientists,  “book it” to South America, but thanks to satellite tracking, we can now really see  just how intense the booking of it really is.

Enter http://www.jamaicabayosprey.org/

Have a look at this site and follow a semi-local Osprey, live, through its migration. The Osprey is named Coley II and is currently en route. The journey is amazing, especially the all night flights over the Ocean. Amazing, and almost unbelievable. Thanks to Ben, our Osprey Hero for introducing us to this awesome corner of the Internets.