Dolphin Flight Fantasy II : Getting Closer

With the Dolphin action picking up for the first time all summer, most likely thanks to some migration, we were fortunate to have a few pods intersect off the beach today, and even luckier that the Hover Plover was RTF (Ready To Fly)

While we were not treated to a full GDE (Gratuitous Dolphin Extravaganza) one group was just winding down a mating session. If you ever have the urge to “ooohhh” and “ahhhh” as you watch Dolphin frolicking from the beach, those Dolphin are most likely mating. Leaps, jumps, and extreme splashing usually indicate mating as multiple males jump a single female. So many males mate with a female Dolphin, even the Dolphin don’t know who the father is, which is why you’ll always find the babies with mama. It’s chaotic, violent, and sure looks cute from the beach.

While we did not achieve full blown Dolphin Pornography here, we did manage to get a large group at the tail end of a session. It’s a step in the right direction, so as promised, we’ll keep the Earth, Wind, & Fire soundtrack until the Dolphin action sticks. For now it can be our little Fantasy of what Dolphin Droning should be all about.