Spot the Seal on Long Beach Island

Rumor has it that Om Nom the seal is currently traveling South on LBI looking for more places to beach. He was last seen around Surf City on Long Beach Island at noon.

Om Nom is a shy seal so probably won’t have much luck finding a comfortable place mid day in the Summer on LBI, but he’ll keep trying. Remember, if you see a seal, keep a good 50 yards back and do your part to help alert humanz to keep a safe distance. We want Long Beach Island to be a safe an pleasant place for seals to take naps.

Om Nom has been reported the Marine Mammal Stranding Center who are alert to his presence but not overly concerned as he appears to be a healthy and happy seal just taking some vacation time on LBI.

Check the Homepage to see this morning’s photos of Om Nom the seal frolicking on the shores of LBI.