Nasty Nest Decor

Our Contribution to the Natural World
Our Contribution to the Natural World

Ben Wurst, our Osprey Hero, and a habitat program manager with the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ sent us some cool pix that are actually not-so-cool. When Ben does the Osprey Census and banding, he also removes the various pieces of human bling the Ospreys use to trick out their nests.

While I’m sure the Osprey think he takes it to jazz up his own crib, Ben actually collects each season’s trash for analysis and data collection.  He’s posted a new article about it on the CWFNJ web site.

Marine Debris: Post-Sandy

Check it, and please consider making a donation to the Osprey Project of CWFNJ because LBI’s Osprey are the best Osprey and these are the people who take care of them.

Trash: There is no "away"
Trash: There is no “away”