Minus Waves, Plus Sun

Halp! Iz skared of heights & being eatenz
Halp! Iz skared of heights & being eatenz

We have a beautiful, if quiet, morning in front of us. The Wind is on the South side of West with bright sun and cool seas. What we’ve gained in Sun we’ve lost in wave… yesterdays exceptional swell has toned it down but it appears there might still be some rides to pick off throughout the day.

It sure feels whale-y out there. While the Dolphin action has been as slow as ever, conditions are good for an uptick in sightings, if only because they’ll be easier to spot in the calm seas. The fish are out this morning, and the Osprey are having an epic morning, hauling in fish after fish. A nice mix of bunker & blues: the breakfast of champions.

"Here dolphins, dolphins, dolphins..... here dolphins". Sandpiper calls forth the Dolphin.
“Here dolphins, dolphins, dolphins….. here dolphins”. Sandpiper calls forth the Dolphin.
nom nom nom... I can haz many corms... nom nom nom
nom nom nom… I can haz many corms… nom nom nom
Because it's like you my mirror (whoa-oh)
Because it’s like you my mirror (whoa-oh)